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Missouri receives more mental health funding for children

December 1, 2020 By Marianne Martinez KSDK Missouri received $425,000 in grant money to expand mental health services for children. The grant will expand the Missouri Child Psychiatry Access … Read more


If Depression and Anxiety Are ‘Normal’ Right Now, When Should I Be Worried?

December 8, 2020 By Jessica A. Gold, M.D., M.S. Self You probably don’t need me to tell you that the pandemic has not been great for our collective mental health. Everyone is … Read more

A Word to the Wise: Caregiver Take Care

Nov 18, 2020 By Linda Snow-Griffin, Ph.D. NAMI What airline passenger truly loves flying in turbulent conditions? My husband, who is a private pilot, likes to remind me that … Read more

NAMI Receives Fourth Consecutive Four-Star Rating From Charity Navigator

12/7/2020 NAMI For the last four years NAMI has proudly received the highest rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator. This four-star rating shows that NAMI exceeds industry … Read more

Sugar Land, Missouri City-area mental health providers see anxiety, depression levels rise

October 15, 2020 ABC 13 As the coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn that resulted from it stretch past the six-month mark, mental health professionals in the Sugar Land … Read more

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Therapists’ Mental Health Needs: ‘It’s Like the Dirty Little Secret That We Don’t Talk About’

Nov 13, 2020 By Olivia Love KBIA Beth Orns and Katie McDannald are both mental health professionals in Columbia. They spoke about how their work has an impact on … Read more

When You Have an Anxiety Disorder, Courage Is Subjective

Nov 4, 3030 By Gina Perkins “I’m dying. Right here on this sidewalk. Alone. I’m going to die.” That was the narrative running through my mind during my first … Read more

During Open Enrollment, Be Sure To Review Your Health Plan Options

11/2/2020 NAMI Nov. 1st began the annual enrollment period to get health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, or you need to renew your plan, make time to … Read more

A BRIGHTER TOMORROW: Mother helps daughter with mental illness using free resources

September 22, 2020 By Marian Bouchot KOMU 8 COLUMBIA- There are more than 900,000 Missouri residents who experience a mental illness each year, including nearly 200,000 who experience a … Read more